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2010 Safe Practices Audit 

Date of Publication:
MAY 2014
Associated Project:
2010 Safe Practices Audit
Following NQF’s February 2014 report, NQF Safe Practices and Related Processes, a comprehensive audit of the 2010 Safe Practices for Better Healthcare was conducted. The audit assessed whether the 2010 Safe Practices report included reference to any commercial product or service, explicit or implicit and to assess the currency of the 2010 Safe Practices, in light of the four years that have passed since they were last updated. This final report includes the 34 safe practices that have undergone a three-part audit process consisting of review by internal NQF staff, review by an expert panel, and NQF member and public comment. The 2010 Safe Practices Audit Report was reviewed and approved for final ratification by the NQF Board Executive Committee on May 23, 2014.