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EENT Final Report 

Date of Publication:
FEB 2016
Associated Project:
Eye Care and ENT Conditions
The Eye Care and Ear, Nose, and Throat Conditions’ (EENT) portfolio contains measures for eye care and ear, nose, and throat conditions. Vision impairment and blindness are major public health complications that take a substantial toll on individuals and society. More than 3.4 million Americans 40 years and older are either blind or are visually impaired. Eye disorders and vision loss are among the costliest health conditions in the United States and in 2013 cost $139 billion. Hearing loss affects 1 in 10 Americans. Nearly 40% of young adults with hearing loss identified during childhood reported experiencing at least one limitation in daily functioning. It is expected that the lifetime costs for all people with hearing loss who were born in 2000 will total $2.1 billion (in 2003 dollars). On June 3-4, 2015, the EENT Standing Committee evaluated a total of 24 measures, 7 new eMeasures and 17 measures undergoing maintenance review against NQF’s standard evaluation criteria. The Committee evaluated 6 new eMeasure versions of endorsed measures that were evaluated as separate measures. Twenty-one measures were endorsed (including the 6 new eMeasures), 1 measure was placed in inactive endorsement with reserve status, and one eMeasure was approved for trial use. Endorsement was removed for 1 measure