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Person and Family Centered Care Final Report - Phase 3 

Date of Publication:
JAN 2017
Associated Project:
Person and Family Centered Care 2015-2017
There are various definitions of person- and family-centered care (PFCC), but all illuminate the need for higher quality care that is organized around the needs of individuals and their families; too often healthcare is received in a manner that does not account for their preferences and goals. Ensuring that each person and family is engaged as partners in their care is one of the priorities of the National Quality Strategy, and as such, the healthcare community has the opportunity to build upon the concept of person- and family-centeredness to guide efforts to improve health and healthcare quality. This report summarizes the evaluation of 13 measures reviewed by the Person and Family Centered Care Standing Committee, all of which were endorsed. The endorsed measures include metrics focused on functional status, experience of care, shared decision making, and symptoms/symptom management.