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2017 Considerations for Implementing Measures Final Report - Hospitals 

Date of Publication:
FEB 2017
Associated Project:
MAP Hospital Workgroup
The Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) Hospital Workgroup reviewed measures under consideration for seven hospital and setting-specific programs. In addition, MAP provided feedback on the current measure sets for these programs, as well as two additional hospital-specific programs for which new measures were not considered. MAP identified several overarching issues: including (1) a need for measures across programs that evaluate the appropriate use of health interventions and testing, including pre-operative testing; (2) recognition that effective care transitions are a pivotal lever for improving healthcare quality and are essential to appropriate follow-up care after hospitalization, and (3) the need for measures based on patient-reported outcomes (PROs). MAP also emphasized that providers may have limited resources for measurement and that the addition of new measures to the programs should be balanced with the removal of measures that may no longer be needed. Measure selection should weigh data collection and reporting burden against potential to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.