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Trauma Outcomes Final Environmental Scan 

Date of Publication:
OCT 2018
Associated Project:
Trauma Outcomes
Traumatic injuries (both non-intentional and intentional) are the third leading cause of death in the United States, and in the aggregate, these injuries cause more premature death than any other illness or disability. Despite the magnitude and expense of traumatic injuries, few performance measures address the quality of trauma care. NQF staff completed an environmental scan of measures and measure concepts to address population-based trauma outcomes. This environmental scan report identifies 49 performance measures and 238 measure concepts, along with a literature review of risk adjustment, attribution, and data source considerations in developing trauma outcome measures. Results of the scan will serve as a foundation for a measurement framework that will identify measurement gaps in trauma care. This measurement framework will also conceptualize measurement strategies related to the quality of trauma care and provide recommendations on related issues, such as level of analysis, attribution, and risk adjustment. ​