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Primary Care and Chronic Illness Final Report - Spring 2018 Cycle 

Date of Publication:
JAN 2019
Associated Project:
Primary Care and Chronic Illness
Primary care has a central role in improving the health of people and populations. Primary care practitioners manage the uniqueness and complexities of each patient. In this setting, the diagnosis and treatment of the patient focuses on the health of the entire patient and not a single disease. Chronic illnesses are long-lasting or persistent health conditions or diseases that patients and providers must manage on an ongoing basis. The incidence, impact, and cost of chronic disease is increasing in the United States. During this cycle of work, the Primary Care and Chronic Illness Standing Committee evaluated seven measures undergoing maintenance review against NQF’s standard evaluation criteria. The maintenance measures addressed diabetes care and/or osteoporosis screening/management. Six measures were endorsed, and one measure was not endorsed.