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2653: Average change in functional status following total knee replacement surgery
Average change in functional status following total knee replacement surgery
STEWARD: MN Community Measurement
Measure Description:
For patients age 18 and older undergoing total knee replacement surgery, the average change from pre-operative functional status to one year (nine to fifteen months) post-operative functional status using the Oxford Knee Score (OKS) patient reported outcome tool.
Numerator Statement:
There is not a traditional numerator for this measure; the measure is calculating the average change in functional status score from pre-operative to post-operative functional status score. The measure is NOT aiming for a numerator target value for a post-operative OKS score.

For example:
The average change in knee function was an increase of 15.9 points one year post-operatively on a 48 point scale.
Denominator Statement:
Adult patients age and older (no upper age limit) who undergo a primary or revision total knee replacement procedure during a calendar year performance period (e.g. dates of procedure occurring between 1/1/2013 and 12/31/2013) AND have a completed pre-operative and post-operative OKS patient reported outcome assessments.
There are no denominator exclusions from the initial patient population for this measure.
Risk Adjustment:
Measure Type:
Outcome: PRO-PM
Measure Format:
Use in Federal Program:
Musculoskeletal, Musculoskeletal: Joint Surgery
Non-Condition Specific:
Health and Functional Status: Change, Person-and Family-Centered Care
Care Setting:
Outpatient Services
National Quality Strategy Priorities:
Effective Communication and Care Coordination: Quality of Life/Functional Status
Actual/Planned Use:
Public Reporting, Regulatory and Accreditation Programs
Data Source:
Instrument-Based Data, Other, Paper Medical Records
Level of Analysis:
Clinician: Group/Practice
Target Population:
Populations at Risk
Measure Selection Attributes (Learn more):
Outcome-Focused, Patient-and Caregiver-Focused, Highly Prevalent Conditions
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For additional measure specification information, please contact the Measure Steward.
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MN Community Measurement
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Jul 07, 2015
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