Setting Priorities

Resources for State and Local Leaders 

Here is a handy list to help those who use NQF-endorsed measures easily access some of the key NQF tools and resources. As the number of State and community leaders involved in measurement and public reporting grows, NQF is committed to helping streamline and support those important efforts.

Search and Compare NQF-Endorsed® Measures

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Identify Opportunities for Alignment

  • See where to start or expand your measurement and public reporting in ways that align with other regions and with federal program requirements, using the Community Tool to Align Measurement.
  • Search and compare ‘portfolios’ or lists of measures created in the Quality Positioning System (QPS) by groups at the local, state and national levels who use NQF-endorsed measures. Learn what others are doing and identify ways to align with national requirements.
  • Track the measures likely to be used in federal reporting requirements and performance-based payment programs by following the work of the Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) to provide input to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
  • To determine which measures are best suited for your efforts, use the same Measure Selection Criteria developed by the Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) to assess measure sets used in federal payment and public reporting programs.
  • Assess similarities and differences in State reporting of adverse events to identify gaps and opportunities for improving safety in your region.
  • Consider ways to measure and improve quality of care for people with multiple chronic conditions, to refine and align how your region approaches this important challenge.

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Collaborate and Learn from Others

  • Learn about NQF's recent community initiatives, which provided key insights and feedback to inform NQF projects and activities.
  • Create your own ‘portfolio’ or list of measures in the Quality Positioning System (QPS Version 2.0), then make it public for others to view and compare, send it to colleagues for collaboration, or keep it private.
  • Discover which NQF-endorsed measures are being used by 16 AF4Q communities, along with practical insights about their experience (impact, success factors and barriers), via the Community Tool to Align Measurement.
  • Listen and learn best practices through the Partnership for Patients – National Priorities Partnership Patient Safety Webinar Series. Past webinars are available for viewing
  • Participate in NQF’s education programs to stay up-to-date with the continuously changing quality improvement landscape.

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Get More Value from Electronic Data Sources

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Communicate about Measurement and Public Reporting

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Take Your Seat at the Table

  • Help shape the future of healthcare measurement and quality improvement by joining NQF.  
  • Get involved by checking out the Calendar of NQF Activities and opportunities for engagement in measure endorsement projects.
  • Set reminders for when to get involved by tracking endorsement projects, nominations, comments or appeals, and upcoming NQF activities using My Dashboard.

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Prepare for the Future

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NQF Resources

The Field Guide is an online resource designed to help you easily access NQF resources.   

Our Goal is to Serve You

Measurement and reporting in States and communities is the key to improving health and health care. Read what guides our work to serve these efforts.

Community Initiatives Project Report

Research with Community Leaders:
Report | Executive Summary
Research with State Leaders:
Report | Executive Summary  

Map of State and Local Initiatives

State and community programs across the country are using NQF-endorsed measures.