National Priorities Partnership 


The NPP is a partnership of 52 major national organizations with a shared vision to achieve better health, and a safe, equitable, and value-driven healthcare system. By working together with a common purpose and coordinated plan, this vision is quickly becoming a reality.



Years in the making, the United States now has a national blueprint for achieving a high-value healthcare system—the National Quality Strategy (NQS). The NQS sets clear goals to support efforts to improve the quality of health and healthcare. Moving forward, working together on a focused set of activities will accelerate meaningful change.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services oversees the NQS, but it is shaped, owned, and implemented by the nation. All 52 National Priorities Partners worked together to advocate for the creation of this blueprint, and continue to shape its direction by offering annual input to the Secretary. Together, they:

  • Identify national goals that correspond to the priorities put forth in the National Quality Strategy;
  • Provide input on measures for tracking national progress toward the goals; and
  • Offer guidance on strategic opportunities to accelerate improvement.

Check out the NPP Fact Sheet. (PDF)

NPP's Dual Role

Input to the National Quality Strategy

The NQS is the foundation of NPP's work. NPP's annual input to HHS helps to continuously evolve and improve the strategy to ensure the best care possible for all Americans. NPP also plays a key role in identifying specific ways in which all Partners can work together to achieve the aims of better care, affordable care, and healthy people and communities.

A Call to Action

Many organizations have mobilized to achieve the promise of the NQS to improve health and healthcare across the country. And while the NQS goals are clear, for many the path and methods to achieve them are not always apparent. That's where the NPP has stepped in to help spread innovative, promising and scalable solutions; make connections across sectors and between organizations; and inspire people to take highly focused, coordinated action.

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NPP's Impact

NQF subcontracted in 2011 with an independent third-party evaluator to assess the initial impact of NPP. Learn more about the evaluation of NPP.

Contact Information

For more information contact Wendy Prins, Vice President of National Quality Partners, at 202-783-1300 or