• The National Quality Partners™ Leadership Consortium identified serious mental illness as a 2018 national priority for action, and is calling for a coordinated effort to address gaps in quality of care and improved patient outcomes for individuals suffering with severe mental illness.

    • Nearly 10 million adults in the United States suffer with serious mental illness, affecting their quality of life and that of their families and loved ones.
    • Serious mental illness includes mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders that cause functional impairment and interfere with major life activities.
    • Individuals with untreated serious mental illness experience poorer health outcomes and higher rates of homelessness, incarceration, and suicide.
    • Additionally, recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that suicides are occurring at twice the rate of homicides in the United States, reinforcing the imperative to address this important issue.

    National Quality Partners™ (NQP™) is excited to launch a new initiative to improve the quality of care for the millions of Americans with serious mental illness. The opportunity to participate in this new initiative, the NQP™ Serious Mental Illness Action Team, is open exclusively to NQF Members. For this specific NQP Action Team, NQF is waiving the participation fees.

    The NQP Serious Mental Illness Action Team is a forum for NQF members to engage, share, and learn from one another on a topic of national importance. To improve the quality of life of those with serious mental illness and their loved ones, healthcare organizations and communities must collaborate to prioritize coordinated actions to address gaps in care practice, such as the identification, assessment, management, and treatment of serious mental illness. Through a series of web meetings and one in-person forum, the NQP Serious Mental Illness Action Team will develop and share priorities, goals, and promising practices to inspire action in others. The NQP Action Team will begin its work in September 2018 and will convene over a 6 to 8 -month time period. Learn more about how to participate on this new NQP Action Team.

    Submit a statement of interest for your organization to participate on the Action Team by August 10, 2018.

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