• The National Quality Forum (NQF) is advancing the field of measurement science with an expanding portfolio of work that is clearing the way for next-generation measures that the rapidly evolving health system demands.

    This important work covers an array of cross-cutting issues and builds upon 15 years of evidence-based measure endorsement that is the gold standard for healthcare quality measurement. NQF’s endorsement process is a transparent, consensus-based practice that brings together diverse healthcare stakeholders from the public and private sector to foster quality improvement.

    NQF convenes multistakeholder Standing Committees in topical areas that are charged to review and recommend submitted measures for endorsement to NQF’s Consensus Standards Approval Committee (CSAC). The CSAC considers all measures recommended for NQF endorsement.

    Today, about 300 NQF-endorsed measures are used in more than 20 federal public reporting and pay-for-performance programs as well as in private-sector and state programs. Additionally, the Department of Health and Human Services relies on the guidance of NQF’s Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) to foster the use of a more uniform set of measures across federal programs that provide health coverage for about 120 million Americans.

    Through our Measure Incubator, NQF is working to address important measurement gaps in many areas of healthcare that still don’t have enough or the right kinds of measures to drive improvement. In leading the Measure Incubator, NQF’s role is to facilitate the work of others. NQF itself will not develop measures.

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