NQF Staff 

Management Team

Christine Cassel, President and CEO

Helen Burstin, Chief Scientific Officer

Neal Comstock, Vice President, Member Relations

Ann Greiner, Vice President, Public Affairs

Ann Hammersmith, General Counsel

Wendy Prins, Vice President, National Quality Partners 

Nicole Silverman, Chief Operations Officer

Kyle Vickers, Chief Information Officer

Marcia Wilson, Senior Vice President, Quality Measurement

NQF Staff

Nadine Allen, Project Analyst

Andrew Anderson, Senior Project Manager

Megan Duevel Anderson, Project Manager

Connie Bach, Committee Appointments Manager, Operations

Poonam Bal, Project Manager

Tonia Blades, Human Resources Generalist, Human Resources

Lisa Bolejack, Creative Director, Public Affairs

Kimberly Chau, Senior Accountant II, Accounting & Finance

Severa Chavez, Project Analyst

Ebony Clark, Senior Director, Human Resources

Sheila Crawford, Administrative Manager

Taylor Davis, Administrative Manager

Ciarra Day, Administrative Assistant, Communications

Brian Davenport, Director, Program Operations

Kevin Dollard, Office Operations Manager, Information Technology

Kaitlynn Robinson-Ector, Project Analyst

Shan Evans, Executive Assistant

Juliet Feldman, Project Manager, Stakeholder Collaboration

Lois Frankel, Director, Member Engagement

JulieAnne Fried, Web Producer, Information Technology 

Timothy Gannon, Senior Director, Finance

Tamiko Gary, Director, Systems Applications, Information Technology

Mitra Ghazinour, Project Manager

Jason Goldwater, Senior Director

Shaconna Gorham, Senior Project Manager

Jonathan Grau, Senior Director, Stakeholder Collaboration

Jennifer Green, Manager, Conference Center, Information Technology

Patricia Green, Senior Director, Public Affairs

Benita Kornegay-Henry, Meetings Manager​

Sharon Hibay, Senior Director​

Laura Ibragimova, Project Analyst

Wunmi Isijola, Project Manager​

Sang Jang, IT Administrator​, Information Technology

Jason Johnson, Senior Director, Information Technology

Karen Johnson, Senior Director

Adeela Khan, Project Manager

Sofia Kosmetatos, Director, Media Relations and Online Communications

Sarah Lash, Senior Director

Tracey Lawhorne, Accounts Payable Specialist, Accounting & Finance

Allen Leavens, Senior Director

Vy Luong, Project Analyst

Andrew Lyzenga, Senior Project Manager

Jean Ma, Staff Accountant, Accounting & Finance

Matthew Mariani, Production Manager, Public Affairs

Mawuse Matias, Web Producer, Information Technology

Debra McCurry, Librarian, Public Affairs

Diane Millard, Executive Assistant, Operations

Alexis Morgan, Managing Director

Elisa Munthali, Senior Managing Director

Melinda Murphy, Senior Director

Boswell Myers, Senior Technical Support Specialist, Information Technology

Kavitha Nallathambi, Senior Project Manager

Yetunde Alexandra Ogungbemi, Project Analyst

Erin O'Rourke, Senior Project Manager

Jeffrey Patyk, Web Production Specialist, Information Technology

Carolyn Perkins, Senior Budget Analyst

Ann Phillips, Project Analyst

Frankie Pressley, iMIS Administrator, Information Technology

Michelle Robinson, Senior Director, Member Relations

Maria Rosales, Senior Accountant

Devon Ruiz, Director, Technology Infrastructure & Support, Information Technology

Amaru Sanchez, Project Analyst

Robert Saunders, Senior Director

Dan Scheeler, Director, Digital Strategy, Information Technology

Zehra Shahab, Project Analyst

Camille Smith, Director, Member Education

Jamikah St. Lewis, Accounting/HR Specialist

Alisa Stackhouse, Executive Assistant, Operations

Kathryn Streeter, Senior Project Manager

Andrew Sylvia, Director, Talent Management, Human Resources

DeAnna Taylor, Executive Assistant

Leslie Reeder-Thompson, Meetings Director, Member Relations

Suzanne Theberge, Senior Project Manager

Danitza Valdivia, Administrative Manager

Leslie Vicale, Project Manager

Ashlie Wilbon, Managing Director

Tanika Williams, SharePoint Services Manager, Information Technology

Reva Winkler, Senior Director

Darlene Wyatt, Executive Assistant