• NQF is committed to improving healthcare quality through the use of health information technology (IT). Care can be safer, more affordable, and better coordinated when electronic health records (EHRs), and other clinical IT systems capture data needed to measure performance, and when that data is easily shared between IT systems.

    Our health IT initiatives – made up of several distinct yet related areas of focus – are designed to support an electronic environment based on these ideals; more importantly, they are designed to help clinicians improve patient care.

    Related NQF Work

    Value Set Harmonization
    This project seeks to develop and test a value set harmonization criteria and approval process to promote consistency and accuracy in electronic clinical quality measures (eCQM) value sets. This project will also offer guidance on how approved value sets should be integrated into the eCQM endorsement process.

    HIT Safety
    NQF is exploring the intersection of HIT and patient safety in order to create a report that will provide a comprehensive framework for assessment of HIT safety measurement efforts, a measure gap analysis and recommendations for gap-filling, and best practices and challenges in measurement of HIT safety issues to-date.