Submitting Standards 

Performance Measures

NQF endorses performance measures as voluntary consensus standards. Interested stewards and/or developers of performance measures may submit their candidate standards for consideration by NQF.

Online Measure Submission

To submit a performance measure, a steward must complete and electronically submit the online measure submission form for each measure they wish to submit to NQF for consideration.

NQF is using an online Measure Submission Form, Version 7.0. The online submission form includes a variety of features and allows the user to:

  • Gain secure access to the submission form from any location with an internet connection;
  • Save a draft version of the form and return to complete it at his or her convenience; and 
  • Print a hard copy of the submission form for reference.

To review the questions included in the measure submission form, the evidence attachment and/or the testing attachment, templates of the online forms are available below:

View the Measure Submission Form Demonstration 

If the performance measure to be submitted is not owned by a government entity, the steward must also complete and submit a Measure Steward Agreement (PDF).

If a current measure stewards wishes to add new measures to their existing measure steward agreement, they must complete and submit a Measure Steward Agreement Addendum (PDF).

eMeasure Submissions

If the performance measure to be submitted is specified as an electronic clinical quality measure, please refer to NQF guidance on Submitting eMeasures for NQF Endorsement.

Call for Measures

In advance of most consensus development projects, NQF issues a formal call for candidate standards, customarily, performance measures. The online submission form can be accessed from the project page with the call for measures.

Open Submission Process

Measure developers are now able to begin a measure submission at any time. The purpose of providing the online submission form unrelated to a particular project is to give measure developers another venue to indicate readiness to NQF, regardless of topic. It also increases NQF's awareness and knowledge of what measures are in the measure development pipeline.

Please note: Using the online submission form to indicate "readiness" of a measure to NQF is not a formal submission of your measure to NQF for consideration of endorsement. Please notify NQF staff via when you have completed a submission using this process. NQF staff will work with each developer to identify upcoming projects for which the measure may be appropriate and discuss next steps to enable submission of the measure.

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Measure Evaluation

The measure submission form is intended to obtain information demonstrating that the criteria for endorsement have been met. NQF evaluates measures against standardized Measure Evaluation Criteria (PDF): Importance to Measure and Report, Scientific Acceptability of Measure Properties, Feasibility, Usability and Use, and requirements for Related and Competing Measures. Some performance measures such as resource use and composites may have some additional criteria. Information regarding the criteria can be found in the Measure Evaluation Criteria Guidance (PDF) document and in the Restructuring NQF’s Maintenance of Endorsement Process (PDF) document.

Technical Assistance

NQF offers ongoing technical assistance and education for measure developers submitting and updating performance measures for consensus-based endorsement and maintenance projects. This assistance may include coordination among developers, responding to questions, and providing guidance on the endorsement and maintenance processes.

In addition, NQF hosts monthly developer webinars; webinars for special education sessions (e.g. review of changes to the measure evaluation criteria, and/or review of guidance for eMeasure submission and testing requirements). For guidance and questions, please contact

Measure Inventory Pipeline

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