Measuring Performance

Submitting Standards 

NQF endorses performance measures as voluntary consensus standards using the Consensus Development Process (CDP).

NQF evaluates measures against standardized Measure Evaluation Criteria (PDF): Importance to Measure and Report, Scientific Acceptability of Measure Properties, Feasibility, Usability and Use, and requirements for Related and Competing Measures.

Interested stewards and/or developers of performance measures may submit their candidate standards for consideration by NQF. For additional guidance on submitting candidate standards, refer to the Measure Developer Guidebook (PDF).

NQF recognizes the need to ensure that the measure endorsement and maintenance process enables the portfolio of measures to change over time, while continuing to provide consistency and currency for those individuals and organizations implementing the measures. Please refer to Maintenance of NQF-Endorsed Performance Measures for a detailed description of these processes.

How to Submit Standards

Submission Requirements

Intent to Submit. NQF is requiring all measure stewards/developers to submit Intent to Submit fields at least three months prior to their selected cycle.

The Intent to Submit process will notify NQF of the measure steward/developer’s readiness to submit measures for endorsement consideration. This will allow NQF to adequately plan for new measures that are being submitted and for maintenance measures that are ready for re-evaluation in the various topic areas, as well as provide measure stewards/developers an opportunity for technical assistance prior to submitting their measure submission form. A complete list of information required by the Intent to Submit due date is located in the Intent to Submit checklist (PDF).

Measure Submission

To submit a performance measure, a steward must complete and electronically submit the online measure submission form for each measure they wish to submit to NQF for review.

Begin Your Measure Now

More information on how to use our Measure Submission Form can be found at our Measure Information Management System Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

NOTE: Your measure submission should be 508-compliant. Refer to the Checklist for Developer 508 Guidelines (PDF) to ensure all guidelines apply to all parts of your submission, including all fields and attachments used within the Measurement Information Management System measure submission form.

To review the questions in the measure submission form, templates of the online forms are available below:

If submitting an eCQM please refer to NQF guidance on Submitting eCQMs for NQF Endorsement

To ensure the quality of your submission, NQF recommends all developers and stewards complete the Measure Submission Checklist (PDF), prior to submission.

  • Every measure requires a measure steward. If the performance measure to be submitted is not owned by a government entity, the steward must also complete and submit a Measure Steward Agreement (PDF). If a current measure stewards wishes to add new measures to their existing measure steward agreement, they must complete and submit a Measure Steward Agreement Addendum (PDF).  

When to Submit Standards

Open Submission Process

Measure developers are now able to begin a measure submission at any time. For more information, refer to the Timeline of measure review dates (PDF).

Technical Assistance. NQF offers ongoing technical assistance and education for measure developers submitting and updating performance measures for consensus-based endorsement and maintenance projects. This assistance may include coordination among developers, responding to questions, and providing guidance on the endorsement and maintenance processes.

NQF hosts quarterly developer webinars; webinars for special education sessions (e.g. review of changes to the measure evaluation criteria, and/or review of guidance for eCQM submission and testing requirements). For guidance and questions, please contact